The way of the samurai

This morning we headed to one of the oldest dojos in Japan where we were going to learn the basics of Kendo – the way of the sword. Our sensei was a fourth generation samurai who had many fascinating stories with my favourite being when his dad taught him the art of seppuku which shocked him enough to stop speaking to his father for over 12 years and move to America to gain western culture. They talk now by the way just in case you’re worried. He definitely picked on me (must be that Asian bond) and I won my 1v1 match against my American friend Dan (that’s revenge for leaving England).

One of the most enjoyable activities I’ve done and I felt like I was shown you the real Japan. I needed a piss just before we started and the lesson was two hours long. You can imagine the relief I felt when I finally was able to relieve myself.

A quick break at home to get freshened up and then we got on a cramped bus to head to Kinkakujicho to visit the golden pavilion temple which was given to the last shogun general. The gardens leading up to it was beautiful as well!

Then it was time to zen out at the Ryogen-In zen temple where they had 5 zen gardens. It was great until I could hear some dude click his SLR camera constantly.

The above is a very well acted photo of what being on the bus was like haha.

Thanks for reading!

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