Bratislava – Day 3

This one is obviously a little bit late but you know, life gets in the way / i’m lazy.

The final full day included a visit to Devín Castle which was used as a border for the iron curtain until 1989 and blown up by Napoleon’s army back when he was alive.

Playing dress up would be fun!

The last place to visit in Bratislava is the Slavin war memorial which is dedicated to the Red Army who fought and won control of the city during the final weeks of the Second World War. Nearly 7,000 soldiers are buried here and their names are commemorated as the heroes they truly are.

I never thought about going to Bratislava but i’m glad I did. 3 days is enough to see nearly everything that the city has to offer. If you like communist looking cities, cheap booze then this is the place for you. Also, there are loads of strip clubs so if you’re thinking of a stag weekend then you’re likely to be in for a treat. Thanks to my partner in crime Siobhan Allen for guiding me as I couldn’t be bothered to do that either. What? I’ve been travelling on my own and it’s nice for someone else to do all the planning/work haha. Till my next adventure!


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