Riding solo

The real big test of my travelling begins now! I’m heading to Fiji all on my lonesome and you can be sure that I paid the £7 to get more leg room. Not sure what to expect but I think it’s going to be a beautiful time. I have been feeling a little homesick on my last day in Vegas. That place is definitely not somewhere you would want to spent time by yourself. Although Jimmy Eat World were absolutely stunning and I’m pretty convinced that it had nothing to do with a special cigarette a random stranger passed to me…

Currently in the queue to get KFC because why bloody not! My phone won’t work in Fiji so hoping for plentiful WiFi so I can update this brilliant site that you’re currently on.

Until next time…

The last hotel I stayed in was a bloody castle…

More Vegas

The last two days have been mostly spent wandering around Vegas. After the disaster of the night before where I lost money I decided gambling is probably not my forté.

I started the day with my first Denny’s breakfast which I obviously didn’t finish because the portion sizes are so big and then walked around a giant Walmart. Then I had to go to the Vegas sign to take a photo because how else would people know I went??

Some of the hotels here are INSANE. Caesar’s Palace is out of this world…and decadent. Not sure how people can spend more than a few days here. In the MGM Grand they have a VR experience that you absolutely have to try. You put on a headset, a small suit and you have a plastic gun. With those tools you are transported to a post apocalyptic world where zombies have taken over. You definitely don’t look like an idiot wearing it.

You can see that I’ve stopped putting in dates. Mainly because I want to stop confusing myself and also because I’m not sure how to count!

Tonight I’m watching Jimmy Eat World which I am very very excited about! Currently I am watching my clothes dry at a laundromat, who said travelling wasn’t exciting??

I want to give a special shout out to my Uber driver Barbara who took me to a weed dispensary beforehand. As you know I am partial to it…but you probably already knew that.

One more night and then it’s off to the tropical island of Fiji and the real start to my travelling as I will not have friends and family with me. Let’s do this!

Day 6: What happens in Vegas…

So the drive down from LA to Vegas was about 4 hours and it flew by. The car I was driving was so much better than mine because it had an arm rest and cruise control. The views were bloody spectacular as well! Desert and mountains everywhere.

I’ve already lost $200 gambling so I think I’m going to stop playing now. I also found out that Jimmy Eat World are playing while I’m here so I’m definitely going.

Tomorrow will be spent chilling and getting burnt in the 39 degrees heat.

Day 5: Universal Studios

After a lovely 5:30am wake up call from my alarm we set off on our 3 hour journey to LA. I tried to watch an episode of Iron Fist as the second season has just been released but it sent me to sleep.

As soon as we walked through the gates I felt like a little kid again! I was so happy to find out there was a Simpsons themed area and the ride was bloody excellent as well. Ross also left to go on his honeymoon to Tanzania to photograph some crazy “damn nature you scary” type animals.

Heading to Vegas today to gamble some money! Hopefully I won’t get “tricked” by a stripper again. Huh, you want to know more? That’s a story for another time…enjoy some pictures!

Day 4: The Aftermath

Surprisingly I was not feeling very good the day after the wedding. The police were called as we were being too loud at a small after party back at the hotel, so that was fun!

It was great to see so many faces that I hadn’t seen in a long time and I loved that we got to spend most of the day hanging out.

At the moment I’m sitting in a car and we’re heading to Universal Studios which I’m very very excited about. There’s a Simpsons zone and I’m going to have a Duff Beer and prank call Moe.

Day 3: The One Where Ross Gets Married

Yesterday I went to the most amazing wedding. I’m probably biased because I love Ross more than life itself. Honoured to have played such an important part in it. Here are a few photos from the day, I’m sure much better ones will appear shortly and Ross said he’s going to edit his own wedding video haha. Always the perfectionist.

In America you have to make a grand entrance after the ceremony into the main venue if you’re part of the wedding party. So the bridesmaid I was with had to dance our way into the venue with the song “Are you ready for this?” Actually I’m not sure what the song is called but I’m sure you know which one I mean. I’m really looking forward to the wedding video!!

Anyway, I am very hungover. The police got called last night as were being too loud and I have now experienced an American tradition.

Day 2: Whale watching

Initially the idea of being on a boat for four hours was nauseating and my stomach agreed with that sentiment after 30 mins out at sea. Luckily after a tiny bit of sick escaped my mouth hole I was fine and ready to enjoy! And enjoy I did! I saw dolphins, sea lions and of course whales. One even came up right up to the back of the boat!! It was so close that we could have almost touched it! Definitely going to be something that’ll live with me forever.