The itinerary

So you’re thinking “Nice one Ed! But where are you going?”

Well i’m glad you asked so here we go:

5th September to 14th September = California
(Then apparently you miss a whole day)
16th September to 23rd September = Fiji
23rd September to 20th October = New Zealand
20th October to 14th November = Australia
14th November to 28th November = Japan
28th November to 4th December = Hong Kong

And then finally home to see my cat who will bloody miss more than anything!

What have I done…

If you’re on this site then you know i’m leaving work for three months to go gallivanting halfway around the world and I’m currently sitting at my desk thinking “What have I done?”.  I’ve never been away for so long and I am absolutely terrified.

Why am I doing this?

The short version, because I want to see more of the world!

The longer version is a slightly different. I’m doing it because of two reasons.

1. Work has been pretty demanding and stressful recently and I just want a break from it. I’m in a position where I have a great opportunity to do some travelling,
2. A girl. I was in what I thought was a pretty good relationship but that has ended and it put me in a real dark place mentally.

BUT, let’s not dwell on that. That’s in the past, we are looking forward.

The goal of this website is my own pleasure really. Something I can look back and think “yeah I did that.”

Thank you for reading and I hope that you come back.

*special shout out to Ryan Webb who thought of the name and my Word Press guru Molly for helping design this website.