The one about Fiji (all photos fixed)


I haven’t really had internet while being away so I’m doing a big old update filled with words (surprisingly) and photos. I’m flying to New Zealand tomorrow which I’m excited about and right now I am laying down on a nice comfy double bed with the air con blasting. How I’ve missed home comforts!

Day 1:

It’s crazy to think that I’m currently halfway across the world on a strange island in strange surroundings. I have thought many times that I can’t do this but here I am trying to push my boundaries. I even went snorkelling today! Admittedly I was terrible and drank a load of sea water but I did it! There’s no set schedule here, you can literally do what you want. For someone that enjoys a bit of a structure in his life I am finding all of this rather odd. This island also only has power at certain times of the day so it does really feel like I’ve gone back in time.

Right now I am writing this while laying on a hammock. The sun has finally appeared back from the clouds and is warming my soul/body. I am staying in a hut with 3 other people tonight and they all seem pretty friendly. I’ve also lost my amazing universal plug so I’m annoyed at myself for leaving it wherever. BUT I should probably be on my phone less anyway. Not sure what is happening tonight but I’m almost certain it will involve drinking and everyone here can appreciate my Asian flush.

Day 2:

Last night a group of us climbed up a hill to watch the sunset and as you can imagine it was very pleasant (understatement). I also can’t remember when I last saw the sky so clear. Pretty sure I saw Mars last night as well.

I’m still jet lagged so skipped the morning activity in favour of sleep and some normality with Netflix! I am so thankful for the ability to download shows to watch later.

Day 3:

I got quite drunk last night so I’m very hungover this morning. Met some lovely Austrians and Germans as well and we played UNO until late at night (10pm…).

This morning we learnt how to cut open and prepare coconuts and I’ve discovered that I now enjoy eating it.

It’s the last day at the Nablua Lodge and it has been great living the island life. Catching a boat later for another two nights further down the coast. Hoping I don’t feel too sea sick for the journey. Blah blah blah, man up Ed!

Day 4:

Newest island is a lot bigger than the last one and there was an option to get your own room for £20 a night. You can bet your butt that I did it for that price.

We walked along the beach last night and I get a real good sunset photo which you’ve probably seen on Instagram but if you haven’t then here it is!

Lot of water based activities here that I’m skipping out of because of the first day when I drank a load of sea water, probably shouldn’t have picked so many water based countries really.

At this point I want to add a disclaimer that I haven’t been spell/grammar checking on this website at all.

Day 5:

Today I leave another island for another. I remember at the start of the trip being amazed at all the different islands but now I’m starting to feel a little indifferent to them. What a spoilt prick I’ve become.

Two more nights and then I’m back on the mainland and then to New Zealand. Everyone I’ve spoken to has raved about how amazing it is so they are making me terribly excited for it. Mountains and caves, what’s not to like. I promised myself I’d go sky diving as well and I bloody hope that I do, need to tick it off the bucket list.

Anyway Fiji! I can’t recommend it enough. Everyone is so friendly here and the food has been fantastic. A friendly resort host has invited me back to his family house for a traditional meal and some kava. Hoping I make it back there alive…

Day 6:

I had possibly the best night since coming to Fiji. After being moved to a different island when on the boat and thinking “oh no” I was welcomed onto a family run resort. It was definitely the most authentic Fiji experience and it was all down to a plant based drink they have called Kava. It basically got me very high and it’s legal over here. Body is paying for it this morning as I woke up at half 11 but it was worth it. We sat in a circle on a mat and we snag, drank and smoked out way into the early morning. They do it every night and I could easily see myself spending the rest of my life here but alas, the next part of my journey comes calling. One more island and then I’m back to the mainland before flying to New Zealand. It has been absolutely magical so far.

Side note: I’m pretty sure everyone in Fiji can sing and play guitar

Day 7:

So I decided to stay one more night on the same island because I had such a a good time the night before. At 5pm we hiked for about two hours to climb up this massive hill/mountain to watch the sunset and I got some really good photos! I felt such a big sense of accomplishment when I reached the top as it seemed like the hike up was never going to end. Drank more kava in the evening before retiring to bed at a more reasonable 11pm instead of 3am like the night before.

Waiting to head back to the mainland where I’ve heard there’s a Nando’s! Do I? I am very tempted haha.

(Edit: went to the Hard Rock Cafe instead)