The one with the temple stay

Today was an early start but I didn’t mind as I got to ride the bullet train. This bad boy speeds along at over 300km/h and had the most comfortable seats as well. Along the way we also got to see Mount Fiji which was in-cred-able!

The front of our accommodation in Takayama city which retains it’s traditional Japanese architecture.

There were 11 different varieties of Sake to try and yes I tasted all of them, and yes I was very drunk afterwards.

The bedroom! It’s like laying on clouds.

Hida beef which is apparently better than Kobe, but since I’ve never had Kobe i can’t confirm it but I can tell you it was delicious.

Ended up in a Japanese bath house fully naked with some members of my tour group.

Tomorrow we head to former capital of Japan, Kyoto to see Buddhist temples and imperial gardens.

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