The red torii gates

After an early start we headed to one of the most important shrines in Kyoto, the Fushimi Imari Shrine. It’s famous for its thousands of tori gates and leads into a wooded forest trail.

A quick train ride led us to the next destination which was the Higashiyama District which is one of Kyoto’s best preserved historical district.

The five part act of me drinking from the love fortune which hopefully blesses me with eternal love…something along those lines anyway.

We had a free afternoon so headed to Nari Park which is famous for the deers who bow down to you when they offer you food. The below is the first thing I saw when I got there…

BOOP! Ok this is a short one was its 1am and I really wanted to write something down. I can’t believe I’ve only got one day left of the tour. It has gone really really fast and I’ve made some good friends on it. I was “gifted” tonight with a Japanese pornography magazine which i have promised to take home with me. Really hope I don’t get stopped at customs as it will be an awkward experience.