Ocean Park

This was it, my last full day of being away before I head back home. It’s been a long journey filled with fun, laugher and all the other stuff you do when you’re travelling. There will be another summary post later on, probably at the weekend detailing my highlights etc and then this page will likely go on hiatus for a while until I decide what I want to do next.

So Ocean Park, somewhere I haven’t been to in for at least 25 years so I have no memory of the place except for the cable car. It was another hot day and wearing jeans was a terrible mistake.

The first ride we went on. Sophie screamed so much that at first I thought she was faking it but when I turned around she had her eyes closed so maybe not.

The rapids got me so wet and you had some bellends shooting water at you as you were going around the track, thanks guys!

At the park you get some lovely views! Like this one of construction taking place.

These water dogs were pretty cute!

As was this smiling sea urchin.

Holding on for dear life.

I was really in the mood for cheese and lo and behold we found a place that did a cheese fondue! Very traditional Chinese I know…

Flight is at 2:50pm (Hong Kong time) tomorrow…dreading it as it flights to Kuala Lumpur first and then I have to wait 4 hours before another flight to London. Bloody nightmare! You bet I upgraded my seat on the final flight and you can get I’ve downloaded a ton of films from Netflix as well.