Mount Hakone

Wouldn’t it be great to see Mount Fuji? We attempted to do this from the beautiful Mount Hakone which is also home to some lovely smelly sulphur and black eggs. To get there we needed to travel on 4 different modes of transportation which included two trains, a tram and a rope walk. You don’t actually walk on a rope by the way.

The view from the top of the hostel and below is outside of it.

After the failed attempt to see the “Fuj” we boarded a pirate ship for a lovely 30 minute cruise around a lake as the sun was setting.

It was cold ok!

We ended the night with a curry based hot pot dish and then we all had to pick a guilty pleasure song that the others in the group had to guess. I picked Flo Rida – Low and no one guessed it was mine! I had thrown people off the scent all day but to be fair I only managed to get 3 out of 19 song choices correct…