The final days of NZ

I’m pretty much at the end of my NZ trip and its safe to say that I’m sad about it. What an incredible country and what an incredible 3 weeks it has been. Tonight we’re going out for one final outing so I’ll probably get really drunk and sing on a table again.

Before that though here is a rundown of the few days before. We visited Christchurch which was devastated by an earthquake back in 2011 and you can still the aftermath of it. They’re slowly rebuilding the country and getting it back to its former glory days. I also met up with a school friend who I had not seen for 16 years. That night we also stayed in a converted jailhouse which was hilarious. Luckily I didn’t drop the soap…

So about a week ago I got an Uber while I was in Queenstown and the driver gave me some life advice of how I shouldn’t be doing something that I don’t really enjoy. Namely my current job. And yesterday I flew a plane for the first time. I absolutely loved it and the instructor said I had a knack for it (all those years of playing computer games has finally paid off) so when I get back to England I’m going to get some lessons and become a pilot. I’ve always wanted to do it and I can’t think of a better job that will include my love of travelling and seeing more of the world. I know it’s a tough industry to get to but I’ve got a feeling I can do it!

Until next time!

Hiking and biking

The last few days have been terrible for my legs. One day we hiked 12.5kms and two days later I completed a 35km bike ride which I was very proud of! Halfway through the bike ride I met a very lovely cat who did actually like being picked up! Also, I did curling for the first time which was a lot of fun and requires more skill then you’d actually think. Might go take it up professionally…

The way to our next hostel was filled with sights like this! Yeah, the giant fruits you see…don’t ask why.

Franz Josef and Queenstown

Big update as I haven’t done one in a while so expect a bit of a picture overload!

So first off I was supposed to go up a helicopter to see some awesome glaciers but the weather was too bad so I couldn’t! I was really looking forward so I’m a tad disappointed but sort of happy because I didn’t have to spend nearly £250…(but life experiences Ed! – yeah I’ve got three more countries to visit after this so I need to save haha). I did get very drunk though so that’s something right? Below are photos from Franz Josef including a very interesting chess game and some lovely group shots.

We then headed to Queenstown where the story will continue below…

So our first stop towards Queenstown was Lake Matheson where it is known for its very sexy reflective lake followed by an attempt at dolphin watching but the weather was so bad that we tried to hide in a little lookout, you can see how cramped we all were.

Below is the lookout!

Ok so the first activity I did in Queenstown was horse riding near some beautiful mountains. Fun but if you’ve ridden a horse before you know how much your arse and knees hurt and I felt like I aged another 30 years once I got off of mine who was called Horsey McHorseface (just kidding, it was Vinnie).

I also wanted to go hang gliding but surprise surprise the weather was bad. And this time it was snowing! Queenstown has the craziest weather I’ve ever seen. One minute it’s nice and sunny and then all of a sudden it’s snowing and freezing cold! So instead I went on a luge down a hill and it was seriously so much fun! Why have I not heard of this activity before? You had to get a gondola to get up to the track and the views up there were insane!

Guys, I am having a great bloody time and I cannot recommend this country enough! 3 weeks is not enough to see this beautiful place. I still have a week to go and I will be bloody sad to leave my group and New Zealand.

The one with all the driving

The last two days have mainly involved driving and being stuck in a van for nearly 4-5 hours is not the one. We stopped a few times and one of them involved looking at Seals at a place called Camp Foulwind which had some amazing scenic beach views and today we visited an area known for Pancake rocks.

We are staying at Franz Josef for the next two nights and tomorrow I’ll be going on my first ever helicopter ride to see some glaciers! Very very excited about that!

From the north to the south

After a lovely week on the north island of New Zealand we headed down to the south today (this was written on the 5th December) on a three hour ferry ride which was very relaxing as the sea was calm. The night before though, man…I’ve been drinking so much on this tour on the country. I am having the absolute best time with the group I’m with. It honestly feels like I’ve known them for years and I can definitely see why people do this all the time. I fully believe I have made some friends for life on this trip and I can’t wait to see them in their respective countries in the future. Last night I definitely got onto some table and sang my favourite Backstreet Boys song “I Want It That Way”. A girl who was had the mic before at first was annoyed that I took the mic off of her but forgave me after I started serenading her haha.

I’m currently sleeping on a houseboat which is something I’ve never done before and we had to get there with an aqua taxi! Also we lost three people from the tour who are leaving to go home and we have been joined by 7 new people who are also pretty great and I can only see our group getting stronger over the next two weeks.

Thanks for reading! Here are some photos.

Kia Ora

Today was fun! Started the morning off by visiting a glow worm cave (actually just maggots hanging out in the ceiling of the caves) and then a traditional Maori village where we learnt about the culture and history of the people. All very fascinating. I have to say that every New Zealander I have met have been incredible friendly. It really is an amazing country and I’m only 3 days in. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the country is like!

The Maori village is basically above a geo thermal lake which occasionally comes out of the ground. They’re basically living in a a death trap. Our guide said that his Aunt was in her car texting when suddenly the ground below her starting erupting. They had to quickly rush out and push her car out of the way before the ground gave way. Also mentioned that tourists have jumped into the lakes before and suffered third degree burns (and died) because of their stupidity. Sounds like a place that I would not like to live at.

Here are some photos, they’ll start with the my own photos leading up to the cave and then the official ones as you cannot get a decent photo with your phone. Following them will be the Maori village. Enjoy!

Day 1 of NZ adventure

After meeting my group for the first time the night before we set off from Auckland to Raglan but before a conversation farm run by a lovely lady called Jan who explained about the importance of honey bees. Most importantly however I got to feed ducks, goats, alpacas and of course a dog who you can see down below. Afterwards we went on a yacht and cruised around Raglan followed by wrecking my arms by paddling in a canoe for about two hours. Man my arms are tired.

Tonight I’ll probably get drunk off one beer and have a long sleep as we woke up at 6am this morning and I was very hungover.

Touchdown New Zealand

I’ve been in New Zealand for four days now and my tour of the country begins in two. I’m looking forward to it, I think mainly for some human interaction as I’ve been staying in an AirBnB (a lovely one by the way) by myself. The tour is going to take me to both islands and I’ve heard the South is hot which pleases me as I’ve definitely been spoilt by the last few weeks of California and Fiji.

Until next time!