A day trip to Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation

Adventure day! First stop was Enterprise where they didn’t have the car that I booked online so that means an automatic upgrade, not that’s a problem for me. It was a lovely Mitsubishi SUV and driving it has now made me want one..

After picking up my friend from my NZ tour we started the journey to the Daintree National Park and the first stop was Mossman Gorge which people like to swim in because you won’t get attacked by sharks or crocodiles. The gorge is part of the traditional homeland of the indiginous Kuku Yalanji clan. There is a lovely 2.4km rainforest loop walk.

Straight after we headed back to the car to head to the Daintree Discovery Centre which let us walk through one of the oldest rainforests in the world! Yeah, older than the Amazon if you can believe that. The rainforest boasts the highest variety of plants and animals in any rainforest on the planet. The whole place is over 150 million years old!! But first you have to cross a weird ferry boat which cuts over an hour of the journey, not sure why they couldn’t just build a bridge but $$$ I guess.

Snake? Snaaaaaaake! (MGS reference)

Because of the Farcry game series I really wanted to climb that aerial tower…not really, heights terrify me.

The view of the rainforest after climbing up a wooden canopy.

After being scared shitless from the fake prehistoric animals it was time to head to Cape Tribulation! The place is a remote headland and ecotourists destination in northeast Queensland. Basically another nice beach.

Smashed avocado for lunch with bacon and egg….mmmhmm! On the way home we stopped to get ice cream!

And that was my final real activity in Australia! I am headed to Japan tomorrow and it’s definitely the part of my trip that I’ve been most looking forward to. I’m going to eat so much sushi and ramen until I explode and sing at many many karaoke bars.