Maid cafes, arcades and meeting the new group

The titles for my blog posts are getting less inventive or maybe I’m just not funny anymore. I went to geek central Akihabara which is full of arcades, retro games, anime and VR porn cafes. Yeah that’s right, you can watch porn in VR in your own private room for a fee. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what it’s like but I’ve been assured people frequent them often. You can also get hand job/blowjob cafes too but this will stay an unknown subject in my life. I mean, why pay when I can…you know what I’m not even going to go there.

I also met up with my friend John who I went to university with over 15 years ago, damn right I’m old. It was lovely to see him and we hung out all day.

Ok so in the maid cafe you have to wear a bear hat and you get served by lovely Japanese ladies in maid outfits. I also got to see a song and dance show which was hilarious and fascinating at the same time. I couldn’t film any of it or take photos as it’s prohibited but I did pay for a combo meal which entitled me to the below picture. I fully recommend it and it’s a staple of Japanese culture. Don’t go by yourself though as that’s creepy.

After we headed for a wander into some retro arcade shops.

Snake? Snaaaaaaaake!!!


This bird made the weakest sound and I had to film it. Pretty sure it was mocking me.

Fried cheese, fried raddish, fried salmon, fried chicken…you get the idea.

Big old 7 floor electrical store selling everything you’d ever need.

The pagoda was built in 942 and the temple in 645!! Both stood the test of time until World War 2 ruined everything.

Ok think that’s it for this entry. This has been a fun one to write and I can’t wait for more fun with my new tour group.