Day 3: The One Where Ross Gets Married

Yesterday I went to the most amazing wedding. I’m probably biased because I love Ross more than life itself. Honoured to have played such an important part in it. Here are a few photos from the day, I’m sure much better ones will appear shortly and Ross said he’s going to edit his own wedding video haha. Always the perfectionist.

In America you have to make a grand entrance after the ceremony into the main venue if you’re part of the wedding party. So the bridesmaid I was with had to dance our way into the venue with the song “Are you ready for this?” Actually I’m not sure what the song is called but I’m sure you know which one I mean. I’m really looking forward to the wedding video!!

Anyway, I am very hungover. The police got called last night as were being too loud and I have now experienced an American tradition.


Day 2: Whale watching

Initially the idea of being on a boat for four hours was nauseating and my stomach agreed with that sentiment after 30 mins out at sea. Luckily after a tiny bit of sick escaped my mouth hole I was fine and ready to enjoy! And enjoy I did! I saw dolphins, sea lions and of course whales. One even came up right up to the back of the boat!! It was so close that we could have almost touched it! Definitely going to be something that’ll live with me forever.

Jet lag? What jet lag

Day 1 of America and the first official day of travelling. Slept very well on the plane and met a lovely lady called Becky who was on her way to Vancouver for a getaway. Here she is:

I spent a couple of hours at the airport as my connecting flight to San Fran wasn’t for a 4 hours. Because my friend Jamie spoilt me with a premium lounge I also purchased a lounge pass at Vancouver

Just call me fancy!

After landing and getting a good nights sleep my roommate and myself had a wander around Los Gatos where we’re we staying.

Later on today we are going to Monterey to look at whales (the fish kind) which will be a nice 6am wake up call.

Ross has also sent me the wedding schedule for Saturday and it looks insane, almost military like. Hoping I get my hair and makeup done as well because it’s bloody sexist otherwise. Your boy needs to look sexy and suave. What do you mean I already am? Oh you!

Here we go!

I am currently sitting in a premium lounge courtesy of my best friend Jamie. Food and drinks in here are free and it’s so quiet and relaxed so it’s much better than slumming it with the general population. Only bad remark is that they rang out of bacon *eye roll*.

Nervous? You bet. I had a little cry this morning saying goodbye to Taco, the bloody prick probably won’t realise I’m gone. 3 months shouldn’t be too hard. Thanks to my buddy Tom for driving me to the airport as well. What a lovely young man.


Hi MTV cribs. Welcome to what’s in my backpack. As you can see I’ve got the essentials of top half clothes and bottom half clothes along with some underwear and socks. Crazy I know! There’s also a bag of toiletries and other assorted cleanliness goodies.

What do you mean this is the same thing that everyone packs? You mean, I’m not original? Damn…