I can’t believe I’m on the final part of my trip! What an intense and emotionally challenging 3 months it’s been. I have to say I’m looking forward to having access to all my clothes/stuff again (have I said that before? I feel like I have) and of course my little furry boy who will no doubt would have forgotten me. I’m going to grab and squeeze him so hard when I walk through the door.

Anyway Hong Kong! Bloody love the place, my second home. Home to flashy lights and neon signs. My aunt who I met up with for dinner has already asked me why I’m not married yet and when I’m moving to HK. I laughed off both questions awkwardly. One of my best pals Sophie has flown out to see me for the final leg and it’s been so good to see a familiar face.

One of my favourite views in the world!

Jackie Chan wrecked that clock in one of his films back in the 80s, obviously they rebuilt it especially for the tourists (some of this may be a lie)

Christmas has come early in HK…it should be December guys!!

Here she is! @sophiegold_ if you want to stalk on instagram.

BBQ Pork with rice…an absolute dream.

The hotel room and below the view from the breakfast bar!

So our first proper day involved getting on a cable car to visit the giant Buddha statue. There’s a little town/monastery at the top with all your favourite chains including Subway and Starbucks. The views are insane which you will be able to see below.

Cows roam free around here.

Once we were done we ventured into Causeway Bay for a bit of shopping. I saw my favourite store Uniqlo and got myself a lovely winter jacket to keep me warm. England is about 3 degrees at the moment, this will definitely be a shock to the system.

Dinner tonight with two of my mum’s friends who I have known since I was a little boy. It was amazing to see them both again and they are two of the nicest/genuine people that I know!

That’s it for now! Going to take a boat across to Hong Kong island for the views and do more shopping. Dinner with my family tomorrow as well! None of them speak English so I’m sure Sophie is going to have a lovely time…

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