Japan tour complete!

So that’s another tour done! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and it definitely did not disappoint! After another early morning start we were off to the see Bamboo Forest! I’m holding my phone in the second photo as I was video calling my best pal at the time and wanted to include her in the shot haha.

My favourite dog šŸ˜

Once we’d taken enough social media photos of the forest we trekked up a “mountain” to look at monkeys at the aptly named Monkey Mountain.

View of Kyoto from the top of the mountain.

After that we went on an elegant boat ride featuring the beauty of the seasons (their words not mine).

Our final train ride to Osaka (my balls). It was also at this point that I left my bag on a train but Japan being the lovely country that it is I managed to get it back with all my stuff in it. Phew.

Our last speech by our tour guide extraordinaire Jack as we embarked on a food tour which would end in surprise surprise Karaoke! What did I sing? You already know if you’ve been following this blog šŸ˜‰.

Group shot outside the running man sign.

Octopus balls.

Assortment of deep fried meats.

I didn’t take many photos after this as I got very very drunk. Thanks to all the guys on the tour and to our guide Jack who made sure we all had an amazing time. Special shout out to Ben who did my washing twice on this trip for me.

So it’s nearly home time for me! One more country to go and it’s the homeland of Hong Kong. I’m looking forward to seeing some family who I haven’t seen in years and eating dim sum until I explode.


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