I learnt to make sushi!

Today was fun! Started the day at the Tsukiji Fish Market where I ate a sea snail and then learnt to make one of my favourite foods! I’m sure you can work it out by the title of this post. Needless to say it tasted great and I’ll probably forget how to do it when I’m home…

Once we were done eating I tried to go to a dog who I follow on instagrams’ shop but it was closed. I later found out that the shop closes on Mondays. SUPER! After a quick freshen up back at the hostel we headed out to the super cool area of Shinjuku.


This is where the cool people play Pokemon Go.

This place is nicknamed “Piss Alley” because the whole alleyway didn’t have a toilet, you can work out the rest. Food was good there though!

Cheers to Shinjuku!

One of the main attractions of Tokyo is the Robot Museum. This is a 2 hour show full of music, dancers and of course robots. I’ve put a small video down below so you can experience some of the madness. I cannot recommend it enough and I will not spoil any of it (unless you ask me of course).

Stood next to the Hachi statue. The story is that a dog used to wait for its owner everyday after he finished work but unfortunately the owner had a cardiac arrest at work so never made it back. The dog however kept waiting for its owner until it died and now there is a memorial for it. Cute right? Dogs are great.

Shinjuku crossing! One of the busiest intersection in the world. A place I’ve seen in one of my favourite games Persona 5 and in films. Managed to get to the viewpoint for free which is always a bonus. Leaving Tokyo in the morning to head off to see Mount Fuji! Weather permitting of course.

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