Onwards to Cairns

After spending way more time than I expected in Brisbane (due to meeting some cool people here) it is time to visit Cairns which is home to the Great Barrier Reef. Will I see it? Can I swim? Well shit I guess it’s going to be a struggle haha. However there are a couple of nice beaches nearby including Port Douglas which I’m told has beautiful white sandy beaches so I’ll hire a car and drive there. I kinda miss driving as it’s nearly been two months since I last sat behind the wheel of a vehicle. I don’t want to forget do I? Plus they drive on the correct side of the road over here so I should be all good!

I’ve really enjoyed this part of my trip as it’s the most that I’ve felt at home. Don’t get me wrong I like being on tours (hah, some!) and visiting a new place every day but there’s nothing better than waking up in the morning whenever you feel like it and getting on with your day. I feel like I could really move to Australia one day and especially to Brisbane. Now if only I was younger and could get a working visa..

Goodbye Brizzles! Until next time!

The best dog, Mildred.

I just wanted to talk about how big the bowl for my ramen was. Absolute madness! Wish I had a banana for scale.

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