Brisbane! (I hugged a koala bear!)

Sydney has been done and dusted and I have now moved to Brisbane for the next part of my visit. I was reunited with two of my favourites from my NZ tour and to celebrate…we got drunk and sang karaoke. Guess what song I sang??? Yeah if you guess “I Want it That Way” then you’d be correct.

Really nice of Brisbane to name a park after me.

I met a new friend in Brisbane who showed me around some of the places where all the cool people hang out. One of them is called the Power House which is a performing arts theatre. There were a bunch of kids performing some songs on stage which was “entertaining” and this is the place I started day drinking as well.

After that we hopped on a catamaran and headed to South Bank for more drinking and exploring. As you can see I also posed like a model because that’s the sort of shit I do.

Oh look, I ended up at Karaoke again…

So the day after, man I can’t even contain my excitement about writing this! The NZ crew and myself headed to Lone Pine sanctuary to do what I’ve wanted to do for what seems like a lifetime. Hug a koala!!! It was as amazing as you can imagine and I loved every second of it. Obviously I wish I could keep one as a pet but you know…laws and regulations etc…

There were also Tasmanian Devils and Platypus’ who I had never seen in the real world before. A great place to visit if you’re ever in Brisbane.

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