The last few days in Sydney

Where do I start? Social anxiety got the better of me and I left my Australia tour and I feel so much better for doing so! I’m going to do the country by myself and I’ve already sorted out most of the trip! So I’ll be staying in Sydney for a few more days before I head up to Brisbane and then to Cairns. Looking forward to Brisbane because there’s a Koala sanctuary there so going to try my best to hug one.

But first things first on Monday morning before heading out with the tour group I bumped into Iona and Rachel who were on our NZ tour which was a lovely surprise! After that we jumped onto a coach and headed to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair for some photos looking over at the Opera House and the Harbour bridge.

Once the photo were done with we headed over to Manly beach for some exploring and beach hang outs. The beach was where I discovered that I did not enjoy the tour as the people I were with would not stop talking about Love Island and getting drunk all the time. Definitely not for me so I had it in my mind from then on out to leave (which I did after the final activity of the day, but more on that later).

Had a delicious coffee at a place called Hemingway’s. Guess the book and the name are related somehow haha.

Cool beach but I’ve seen enough and i’ve been spoilt by the lushness of Fiji.

In the evening I climbed up the Harbour bridge which was so much fun! I also recorded a video message which is birthday related. Looking forward to using it for the time! It says “Hey you, happy birthday!”. As you can read I can use that for literally anyone by overdubbing the you part with a relevant name. Yeah, I’m pretty funny!

The next day I was free so I met up with Pete from the NZ tour and we hung out for a bit. He watched me eat Fish and Chips and then we were confused by the modern art gallery. My favourite piece of work which I didn’t take a photo of was of an abstract drawing of a candle which was about forbidden love. The artist was in love with his girlfriend’s mother. I feel like Stacy’s Mom conveyed that message better but I’m not an art critic so what do I know?

Once we were suitable confused we headed out to the Harbour bridge to get some photos and to meet Iona and Rachel again. More photos below and I got some pretty good ones if I say so myself, the iPhone Xs camera is so good!

Tomorrow I’m meeting a friend from my university days and he’s going to take me backstage at the Opera House! I am very excited and I hoping that a guitar is around so I can get on stage to perform my favourite karaoke song “I Want It That Way”. Photos of that monumental occasion to follow.


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