Australia Day 1

The adventure continues in another beautiful country with Sydney being the first stop of many for the next two weeks. I met some of the tour group tonight but there are about 50 which is a nightmare for my social anxiety. Luckily Ole from my NZ trip is on the on the same tour group so all is not lost. I’m sure I’ll look back on the first paragraph of this post and realise I had nothing to fear. Looks like this group is up for more drinking than the last one, Contiki (tour company name) have a reputation for it apparently, although tonight I decided to go back to the room early.

Today I was a proper tourist and had a little wander around the city to find all the classic sites including the Opera House and the massive Harbour Bridge which I’ll be climbing tomorrow. That bad boy is going to take 3 hours so my fear of heights should hopefully be conquered…but probably not.

Also met up with a lovely Swiss girl from the NZ trip who came to hang out with me and Ole for a couple of hours. Her trip starts where mine ends (Cairns) which is a bloody shame! Not sure if I mentioned it previously but we’re all going to meet up for Oktoberfest next year so something to look forward to as I’ve never been to one before!

Almost forget to mention! We wandered around the Botanical Gardens near the Opera House and found out that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were due to appear in a venue near where we were stood. Naturally we waited after a recommendation that we should stay from a lovely police officer. I didn’t really get a good picture but I did see the both of them in the car and caught a good glimpse of the back of Harry’s head.

Time for sleep as tomorrow is another day of not having to go to work and enjoying life 😁🙃

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