Franz Josef and Queenstown

Big update as I haven’t done one in a while so expect a bit of a picture overload!

So first off I was supposed to go up a helicopter to see some awesome glaciers but the weather was too bad so I couldn’t! I was really looking forward so I’m a tad disappointed but sort of happy because I didn’t have to spend nearly £250…(but life experiences Ed! – yeah I’ve got three more countries to visit after this so I need to save haha). I did get very drunk though so that’s something right? Below are photos from Franz Josef including a very interesting chess game and some lovely group shots.

We then headed to Queenstown where the story will continue below…

So our first stop towards Queenstown was Lake Matheson where it is known for its very sexy reflective lake followed by an attempt at dolphin watching but the weather was so bad that we tried to hide in a little lookout, you can see how cramped we all were.

Below is the lookout!

Ok so the first activity I did in Queenstown was horse riding near some beautiful mountains. Fun but if you’ve ridden a horse before you know how much your arse and knees hurt and I felt like I aged another 30 years once I got off of mine who was called Horsey McHorseface (just kidding, it was Vinnie).

I also wanted to go hang gliding but surprise surprise the weather was bad. And this time it was snowing! Queenstown has the craziest weather I’ve ever seen. One minute it’s nice and sunny and then all of a sudden it’s snowing and freezing cold! So instead I went on a luge down a hill and it was seriously so much fun! Why have I not heard of this activity before? You had to get a gondola to get up to the track and the views up there were insane!

Guys, I am having a great bloody time and I cannot recommend this country enough! 3 weeks is not enough to see this beautiful place. I still have a week to go and I will be bloody sad to leave my group and New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “Franz Josef and Queenstown”

  1. I missed Franz Josef too due to weather too!! Was so disappointed, ended up I spent money to watch kiwi lol 😆 FJ was really one of the most looking forward activity for the whole journey 😕 I think u need to spend more time at South Island instead hahaha, anyway there is always a reason for u to go back NZ


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