From the north to the south

After a lovely week on the north island of New Zealand we headed down to the south today (this was written on the 5th December) on a three hour ferry ride which was very relaxing as the sea was calm. The night before though, man…I’ve been drinking so much on this tour on the country. I am having the absolute best time with the group I’m with. It honestly feels like I’ve known them for years and I can definitely see why people do this all the time. I fully believe I have made some friends for life on this trip and I can’t wait to see them in their respective countries in the future. Last night I definitely got onto some table and sang my favourite Backstreet Boys song “I Want It That Way”. A girl who was had the mic before at first was annoyed that I took the mic off of her but forgave me after I started serenading her haha.

I’m currently sleeping on a houseboat which is something I’ve never done before and we had to get there with an aqua taxi! Also we lost three people from the tour who are leaving to go home and we have been joined by 7 new people who are also pretty great and I can only see our group getting stronger over the next two weeks.

Thanks for reading! Here are some photos.

One thought on “From the north to the south”

  1. It sounds as though you’re having an amazing experience. I knew you were travelling widely but hadn’t previously appreciated that your trip was including time travel . . . “written on 5th December” 🤣

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