Kia Ora

Today was fun! Started the morning off by visiting a glow worm cave (actually just maggots hanging out in the ceiling of the caves) and then a traditional Maori village where we learnt about the culture and history of the people. All very fascinating. I have to say that every New Zealander I have met have been incredible friendly. It really is an amazing country and I’m only 3 days in. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the country is like!

The Maori village is basically above a geo thermal lake which occasionally comes out of the ground. They’re basically living in a a death trap. Our guide said that his Aunt was in her car texting when suddenly the ground below her starting erupting. They had to quickly rush out and push her car out of the way before the ground gave way. Also mentioned that tourists have jumped into the lakes before and suffered third degree burns (and died) because of their stupidity. Sounds like a place that I would not like to live at.

Here are some photos, they’ll start with the my own photos leading up to the cave and then the official ones as you cannot get a decent photo with your phone. Following them will be the Maori village. Enjoy!

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