More Vegas

The last two days have been mostly spent wandering around Vegas. After the disaster of the night before where I lost money I decided gambling is probably not my forté.

I started the day with my first Denny’s breakfast which I obviously didn’t finish because the portion sizes are so big and then walked around a giant Walmart. Then I had to go to the Vegas sign to take a photo because how else would people know I went??

Some of the hotels here are INSANE. Caesar’s Palace is out of this world…and decadent. Not sure how people can spend more than a few days here. In the MGM Grand they have a VR experience that you absolutely have to try. You put on a headset, a small suit and you have a plastic gun. With those tools you are transported to a post apocalyptic world where zombies have taken over. You definitely don’t look like an idiot wearing it.

You can see that I’ve stopped putting in dates. Mainly because I want to stop confusing myself and also because I’m not sure how to count!

Tonight I’m watching Jimmy Eat World which I am very very excited about! Currently I am watching my clothes dry at a laundromat, who said travelling wasn’t exciting??

I want to give a special shout out to my Uber driver Barbara who took me to a weed dispensary beforehand. As you know I am partial to it…but you probably already knew that.

One more night and then it’s off to the tropical island of Fiji and the real start to my travelling as I will not have friends and family with me. Let’s do this!

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