Jet lag? What jet lag

Day 1 of America and the first official day of travelling. Slept very well on the plane and met a lovely lady called Becky who was on her way to Vancouver for a getaway. Here she is:

I spent a couple of hours at the airport as my connecting flight to San Fran wasn’t for a 4 hours. Because my friend Jamie spoilt me with a premium lounge I also purchased a lounge pass at Vancouver

Just call me fancy!

After landing and getting a good nights sleep my roommate and myself had a wander around Los Gatos where we’re we staying.

Later on today we are going to Monterey to look at whales (the fish kind) which will be a nice 6am wake up call.

Ross has also sent me the wedding schedule for Saturday and it looks insane, almost military like. Hoping I get my hair and makeup done as well because it’s bloody sexist otherwise. Your boy needs to look sexy and suave. What do you mean I already am? Oh you!

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